“I love The Nostalgic Heart. The art is beautiful — intriguing, thoughtful, and unique. Even more, I love the insights into the very souls of these cities. The way David Coggins sketches them in with just a couple of brisk sentences makes me know them as if I’d been there myself: Barcelona, city of art: Prague, city of music; Berlin, city of energy, urgency, and consumerism. And then the long view grounded, insightful, aware. I'm fascinated by the individual observations, because that’s what I believe a good travel book should be — evocative, with a subtle balance of public history and private yearnings.”
Judith Guest, author of Ordinary People and The Tarnished Eye
“A beautiful and beguiling voyage of discovery full of the precise observations of an artist’s eye: haunting and evocative.”
William Boyd, author of Any Human Heart and Restless