“A slim book of summer days, Eden is a collection of visual poems by Minneapolis artist David Coggins, whose subject is nature seen through a sultry haze of sentiment and sensibility. Each page reproduces a collage of dried things — leaves, blossoms, grasses — artfully arranged with bits of Oriental paper, antique engravings, postcards, photos and other ephemera. Haiku-like notes (apparently recorded on an old typewriter bereft of capital letters) recall date, place, mood. It’s a sweet book.”
Mary Abbe, Minneapolis Star Tribune
“David Coggins’s stunning collages catch and hold a season. These evocative images remind us that the substance of memory is itself fleeting, yet all around us wherever we look. And in looking with care, as Coggins has in this splendid book, he helps us to begin to see.”
William Souder, author of Under A Wild Sky