The Deception
David Coggins designed the set for Pierre Marivaux’s The Deception, a coproduction of La Jolla Playhouse and Theatre de la Jeune Lune. It was named the outstanding set design in Twin Cities theater in 2007 by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
“In a dramatic moment when the rippling green curtain drops... you are wowed by the wondrous set of painted plexiglas panels created by visual artist David Coggins. His greenish, daubed-glass chamber for the play is breathtaking...a stunning visual treat.”
Rohan Preston, Minneapolis Star Tribune
“The cast performs without props on a bare stage. Behind them looms David Coggins’s majestic box set: three walls of at least 150 glass panels, each smeared with yellow, green, or blue paint, and with enough gender-sex imagery for a Rorschach buffet.”
Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader